Reno Tahoe Digs Shops


LOCAL SHOPS IN RENO — (schedule private appointments on select stores)

The Nest Vintage Stuff. Each item – lamp, couch, coffee table, you-name-it – is hand picked, then picked up by Tessa in her old, blue pick-up truck. She’s the girl who left Santa Clara, California and never went back.

Never Ender began in 2004 when Amber decided to combine an art gallery and boutique into one shop, featuring young local artists who were looking for somewhere to display and sell their designs.

IMeMine. Elaine, the owner of ImeMine, is said to have never met a stranger. If you’re not a friend when you come in, you will be after the time you leave.

Shoe. People and their love for shoes is a little bit more peculiar and less “Imeldific”. For many of us, we simply yearn for the simple yet unique

Reno Bead Shop. The most cherished presents are usually those that reek of the process – gifts carefully made by hands. This process cannot be drive-thru’ed. Reno bead shop paves the way to create that cherished gift.




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