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When you come to Reno Homebrewer, you will be met by an experienced and knowledgable staff in home beer and wine making ingredients and supplies. They also don't care if you like PBR.



Reno Homebrewer: No Jerks Allowed

When you come to Reno Homebrewer, you will be welcomed by an experienced and knowledgeable staff in home beer and wine making ingredients and supplies.  They also don’t care if you like PBR.


IF you have an out of town friend who truly likes beer, make yourself a promise: visit the Reno Homebrewer at 2335 Dickerson Road. Walk around. Tread softly past the long shadows of brew kings of Nevada. Maybe even strike a good conversation. I did.

I drink cheap beer.  When there’s money in my pocket I might splurge on a “Belgium”– Fat Tire.  I know as much about beer as I know about alternative energy – (windmills are cool!)

So when I came in to meet Rob Bates, owner of Reno Home Brewer, I had low expectations of  the depth of what we can talk about. I was trying my best to hide my ignorance. Turns out Mr. Gates couldn’t care less if I drink Pabst in front of him (not that I would dare to).   Validating my theory yet again of super-experts often don’t seem like one….  Until you get to sit and talk to them.

Rob left a comfortable computer I.T. job at Silicon Valley in the eighties to move here in Reno and start Reno Homebrewer.  It took him seven years to make the shop financially solid – and thrive it did. Rob is almost a mythical figure among local brewers who have come to know him.

Home brewers has a way of breeding interesting men.  Men of industry who can also love poetry. Men of courage who can also be tender. Men of vision who can also respect the past.  Make a point to talk to Rob or any of his in-house friends when you stop by and you’ll probably see this too.

In a society where advertisers carelessly toss around words like “eclectic, maverick, cowboy”to force a brand image in our heads, it is refreshing to meet people who don’t give a shit about their “brand image”.

Stop by and have a look at the great selection of all your desired homebrew and winemaking supplies. The stock is quite diverse, and the people there are willing to help you out in any manner.  They are not jerks out there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Rob Bates has over 15 years of experience in the beer and winemaking trade. Rob is also a National judge in the Beer Judge Certification Program.

What:   home beer and wine making ingredients and supplies

Where: 2335 Dickerson Road Reno, NV 89503

Hours: Tuesday — Friday 11am-6pm Saturday — 10am-5pm Closed Sunday and Monday

Contact: (775) 329-2537



2335 Dickerson Road Reno, NV 89503
Contact: (775) 329-2537

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