Learn and unexpected things to do in Reno-Tahoe.



Did you know we have these places around the corner?

The Wedge Ceramics Studio. The mission is clear: The Wedge Ceramics Studio is a membership based studio seeking to provide a space where independent ceramic artists can work together, sharing knowledge and ideas. We are a studio built of a community of artists based on collective respect and intrigue.

Sundance Bookstore. Located in the historic Levy Mansion, Sundance books and music has been proudly serving the community in Northern Nevada for 25 years as an independent book and music store. Sundance has a knowledgeable staff, broad selection of books and magazines and its deeps links to the community.

Reno Homebrewer. When you come to Reno Homebrewer, you will be met by an experienced and knowledgable staff in home beer and wine making ingredients and supplies. They also don’t care if you like PBR.


Reno bead shop. The most cherished presents are usually those that reek of the process – gifts carefully made by hands. This process cannot be drive-thru’ed. Reno bead shop paves the way to create that cherished gift.


Delightful things to do and learn around Reno-Sparks-Tahoe.