Junkee Clothing Exchange & Antique Stuff, ETC.,


Jessica Schneider, the owner of the largest vintage clothing store and antique shop in Reno, has always held on to the philosophy—‘don’t buy new, used things have more character’.

She has always been a fan of recycled and vintage clothing stores, but she wanted to bring a hip, fresh look to the recycled clothing industry. Unlike some thrift shops where the stores are usually overwhelmingly packed with clothing that it becomes hard to look and move around, Jessica designed the store to be visually pleasing and stimulating with over the top store displays, rack top displays, with an easy shopping layout of clothing racks.

With 8,800 square feet of space, Junkee Clothing offers all sorts of recycled clothing, accessories, shoes, costumes, jewelry, and some random new items, along with antique knick-knacks and retro furniture. Do not fret, for Junkee Clothing only buys secondhand items that are of good quality, and they also do restoration of furniture! They never buy anything that is full of cat or any other animal hair, has missing buttons, broken zippers, nicotine-scented, stained, dirty, etc.

Junkee Clothing has actually been receiving a lot of positive buzz in the internet—from blogs to reviews! A lot of people are saying it is one of the ‘best places to buy vintage clothes’.

Visit Junkee Clothing now and see for yourself! Happy shopping!


Junkee Clothing

960 South Virginia St.

Reno, NV






960 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502