Blue Moon Pizza

Everybody likes pizza but not everybody know how to make it with the heart as the pizza makers know at Blue Moon.


Everybody Likes Pizza!

For over two decades in the neighborhood of Reno (located in the Midtown area of California Ave.) Blue moon gourmet pizza has been a place where experience and high standards for the quality of food differentiates from the other pizza places in the area.

Everybody likes pizza but not everybody can make it like the pizza makers at Blue Moon. Picking fresh ingredients such as fresh vegetables, and hand tossing the perfect dough, along with the finest sauce making it the best pizza in Reno as voted by the Gazette Journal in Reno and the community.

Blue Moon Pizza has been serving the freshest, hand-tossed pizza in Reno for two years now. Through their experience, they had just one vision that until today they still hold on to. It is to “make sure that every pizza meets their high standards”. And that’s what what they’ve been doing since the year they’ve opened their doors to the public.

You are assured that what they serve only has the freshest and quality ingredients.

The ingredients that they use are delivered daily, their vegetables are hand-chopped, and their meats are cooked in-house.

Their perfect dough are made fresh everyday—hand-rolled, hand-tossed, and hand stretched for each pizza. A real labor of love.

They make the finest sauce—every bite will have the right blend of flavors and texture to guarantee the best possible experience..

The vision, passion, and philosophy of these pizza artisans, together with their knowledge on pizza making, have made the community, the Reno News and Review, and the Reno Gazette Journal, vote that Blue Moon Gourmet Pizza be named as the ‘best pizza in Reno’ for 14 years and counting!

The Blue Moon crew is looking forward to meet you! Visit them at  190 California Street, Reno, NV 89509.

To know more about their yummy-scrummy menu, check their website at  or call them at 775-324-2828.


190 California Ave Reno, NV 89509