Reno Tahoe Digs Eateries


EAT. Where and What.

Reno’s eateries is not what you normally would think.  Interestingly good (in a sneaky way.)

El Salvador Restaurant. Arturo, owner and manager of El Salvador Restaurant, for me, is the flesh and bones of the American Dream. I talked to Arturo over coffee at his El Salvador restaurant to ask about his life.

Niko’s Greek Kitchen. Imagine: a 17 year old Niko, searing meat on a tavern’s rooftop in one of those lazy Greek summer afternoons.  The same man prepares your Gyro at 1st and West St.

Blue Moon Pizza. Everybody likes pizza but not everybody know how to make it with the heart as the pizza makers know at Blue Moon.

Aldertos Fresh Mexican Food. Aldertos California burrito is glorious. Extraordinary taste stuffed with french fries

Honey Bakery. What makes Honey Bakery unique is it’s lack of any effort to be one. With zero fuss, it makes one of the best bread buns you will ever have in your life for one dollar a piece. ( Oh, they have tapioca drinks too and amazing made-to-order fruitty cakes.)

Dorinda’s Chocolate. It might seem obvious and commonsensical, but to Dorinda, her chocolates are definitely more than just a sugar rush that goes straight to the thighs. She creates real flavors for real people through pure, hand-crafted quality chocolates.


Here are the good places to eat around Reno-Sparks-Tahoe.