Dressed Like That

"My goal is to give women a place to find fun & beautiful fashions from days gone by, all with a modern twist!"



It started from a lovely lady named Cynthia who had a vision to redefine what is called a ‘local boutique’. However, she didn’t immediately begin her career in the fashion industry. She has been in the beauty business as an aesthetician, doing facial, skin care for 16 years. But she had always loved pin up girl types of clothing, however she had some ‘fitting problems’ when buying dresses from the mall. So she started ordering clothes online, and she loved it.

She knew deep down her heart that she had a fervent love for clothes, and she had always had this certain feel of fulfilment when she has a new garment on her hands, moreover sharing it to her friends. She then had a bright idea—why not open a boutique? She always knew that she wanted to open one, not just a regular boutique that you find down the street, but a kind that offers something unique. So opened a store in Reno, because nobody else had a store like what she had in mind in the area, and named it “Dressed Like That”.

You’re probably wondering what the meaning behind the name of her store is. Well, when she was a teenager, her mother would often say to her “You are not going to go out dressed like that!”. Who would’ve thought that her mom’s warning would turn out to be an inspiration for something big, right?

Her new store is 3 times bigger than her first—1,100 square feet with a lot more selection.

She opened this back in 2010, and just after 2 days of opening, her store was already popping with customers. One thing that makes her shop different from the others is that she offers special hours shopping: she helps in picking clothes for individuals and groups.

One time even, she had a group of girls from Southern California shop in her store for 2 hours (with champagne and truffles). Another thing is that if a customer needs a size or a style that her shop doesn’t have in stock, they can give her a call or send her an e-mail, and she’ll happily find a way to satisfy the customers’ needs.

She loves getting to know new people, and she truly has immense love and passion for dressing people up. You sure are in good hands when you choose Dressed Like That!



Click here to visit their website:  https://dressedlikethat.com

or better yet, why not run into their store today!

Visit them at 711 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89501 or give them a call at 775-742-2931!


711 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89501