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Honey bakery

I FOUND out about Honey Bakery on Reno News & Review. One of those Places to Eat articles where a man and his friend disguised as ninja critics stumbles on a great cheap appetizer but blah service restaurant. I read the words “Tapioca Bubble Drink” (or “boba tea”) and I was had.

That was 6 years ago. I ate one of their dollar buns and, not accidentally, utterly forgot about my beloved Papaya Boba Tea. I finally got one last November. It was good. But that tasty, Americanized but not completely forgotten, Chinese, sweet, bread is why I’m on Dennis’s speed dial for bulk, day-old bread (more on Dennis later.)

     I’ll make it easy for you: Pork bun and Strawberry Boba tea. Your welcome.

Read further if you want the ew, weird, weird, weird texture, still odd, I-still-don’t-like-it-period, actually not bad, starting to like it, I-can’t-believe-I-LOVE-THIS menu options.

Honey bakery is an anomaly. We shouldn’t have this good of an Asian bakery. Dennis, the brains and the hands of this family operated business, never planned on starting a bakery. You won’t find a heart-warming Grandma-used-to-bake-us cookies history on the back of the bun here. He got tired working for the casinos after 10 years. So he went to China. And learned over the shoulders of the culinary giants of Canton street bakeries for one whole year. Came back, bought $20,000 grease traps and crafted perhaps the most exciting one dollar bread you will ever have in your Reno life.

Oh, he also opened shop at the worst economic time since 1928. That’s what I call a man. (Not once raised his price.) I nominate Dennis’s face to be printed behind Filipino grade-school notebooks.

Like mediocre shopping sales, where deals are printed on glossy paper mass mailed; the best Asian places to eat are not advertised or marketed well. They don’t have fancy store lighting or smiley workers. They just do one thing really well – serve you with pure, unadulterated ‘thing’ with surprise-you ‘somethings’. Day in and day out. They are consistent as a mother’s love.

For the foodies: Dry Pork Bun. Try the Durian, Papaya or Avocado Boba Drink.