Glorious Crazies -- The Soon To-Be "GRAND" Opening of Reno Tahoe DIgs


Thursday, June 12th, 2014

I was talking to Jenny this afternoon.

We agreed that we have to be a little insane to do Digs. I don’t take this as a compliment, but as a brutal reality: there’s simply no precedence for a community project quite like this.

And I can barely wait to move on with our next round of projects (Ultimate Coffee Guide, Bragging about local Orgs, Calendar etc.,). What motivates? I really don’t know. But with every inch of improvement, each time we get closer to the image of Digs we’ve had in our heads for years, the more motivated I seem to get. What’s that saying?….Progress begets progress.

Or something like that.

We would like to ask for your feedback, if there are any bugs, suggestions, compliments kindly shoot as an email: