Cool Links


  • Dressed Like That Reno Nevada Midtown
    Dressed Like That
    June 16

    "My goal is to give women a place to find fun & beautiful fashions from days gone by, all with a modern twist!" More

  • Sundance Bookstore
    Sundance Bookstore
    June 12

    Located in the historic Levy Mansion, Sundance books and music has been proudly serving the community in Northern Nevada for 25 years as an independent book and music store. Sundance has a knowledgeable staff, broad selection of books and magazines and its deeps links to the community. More

  • Reno Wedge Ceramics Studio
    The Wedge Ceramics Studio
    June 12

    The mission is clear: The Wedge Ceramics Studio is a membership based studio seeking to provide a space where independent ceramic artists can work together, sharing knowledge and ideas. We are a studio built of a community of artists based on collective respect and intrigue. More

  • Blue Moon Pizza Reno
    Blue Moon Pizza
    June 12

    Everybody likes pizza but not everybody know how to make it with the heart as the pizza makers know at Blue Moon. More

  • NeverEnder Reno
    June 12

    Never Ender began in 2004 when Amber decided to combine an art gallery and boutique into one shop, featuring young local artists who were looking for somewhere to display and sell their designs. More

  • Dorinda's Chocolate Reno
    Dorinda's Chocolate
    June 12

    It might seem obvious and commonsensical, but to Dorinda, her chocolates are definitely more than just a sugar rush that goes straight to the thighs. She creates real flavors for real people through pure, hand-crafted quality chocolates. More

  • ImeMine Reno
    June 12

    Elaine, the owner of ImeMine, is said to have never met a stranger. If you're not a friend when you come in, you will be after the time you leave. More

  • Shoe Reno
    June 12

    People and their love for shoes is a little bit more peculiar and less “Imeldific”. For many of us, we simply yearn for the simple yet unique. More

  • Hub Coffee Reno
    Hub Coffee
    June 12

    Mark is a non-specialist, a man who has lived in different places and learnt from experience in different trades and his extensive sports background. In eighth grade, Mark broke the 13-year national record for highest jump. His record stood for 25 years. More

  • El Salvador Restaurant Reno
    El Salvador Restaurant
    June 12

    Arturo, owner and manager of El Salvador Restaurant, for me, is the flesh and bones of the American Dream. I talked to Arturo over coffee at his El Salvador restaurant to ask about his life... More